As an adoptive parent and an adoption attorney who has helped over 1,600 families with their adoptions, Mark McDermott has a perspective that enables him to be sensitive to all aspects of the adoption process. With a practice that spans not only the metropolitan Washington, D.C. area but also nationally, Mark has helped to pass favorable adoption legislation in the District of Columbia, Maryland, Michigan, and Virginia and on the national level.

Mark’s background includes being the former president of both the American Academy of Adoption Attorneys (AAAA) and RESOLVE of the Washington Metropolitan Area. With his extensive background in handling cases in trial and appellate courts, Mark is comfortable representing adoptive parents and birth parents both inside and outside the courtroom. Because Mark is in a unique position to offer both professional and personal insights into many aspects of adoption, he frequently speaks to adoption groups around the country on topics as far-ranging as how to adopt or how laws of the different jurisdictions affect adoption.

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