Available Services

All of the services that are traditionally provided to the parties in an agency adoption can also be provided in an independent adoption. For example, medical and social histories are obtained not only by the adoptive parents themselves but also by the attorney representing the birth parents. The histories are then preserved by the adoptive parents and their attorney. Psychological counseling is also available to the birth and adoptive parents and is generally recommended by the attorneys handling independent adoptions. The parties can be referred to qualified counselors experienced in adoption issues.

In independent adoptions, it is common for the adoptive parents to be present at the hospital and even in the birthing room at the time of birth. In addition, the adoptive parents typically can have access to the child between the time of birth and hospital discharge so that the adoptive parents can begin the process of bonding. It is also common for the child to be discharged from the hospital directly into the physical care of the adopting parents.

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