Home Study

After the consent to adoption by the birth parents, the adoptive parents are required to follow court procedures which will lead to a final decree of adoption. Whether accomplished before or after the placement, the courts will require that the adoptive parent undergo a home study.

State law dictates whether an individual social worker, a private licensed child placing agency, or a public social service agency may perform the home study. The process is designed to evaluate the adoptive parents to assure that there is nothing in their homes or backgrounds which would be contrary to the best interests of the child.

If the prospective adoptive parents have something in their background such as a health problem or involvement with law enforcement authorities, the best approach is for the adoptive parents to be totally open and honest during the home study process. It is unlikely that anything in an adoptive parent’s background would have as much of a negative effect as would the perception by the home study evaluator that the adoptive parent is not being.

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